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James Horan

All the trees you see here are gone. Cut down by the pro who wanted the
course to look like it did when it was created. Played it both with and
without trees. Liked the trees.

Barry Gibbe

Save for a select few, almost all of the great players hit a prett y sharp
decline after their early to mid 30s. That shifts a bit with the players of
today being in better condition, easier life on tour, bigger money, etc.

James Horan

I saw the comment about the decline of Watson post 1984. He did not win
again for 12 years until 1996 at Jack’s tournament. I believe he admits he
had an personal problem that affected his game. His front 9 at Oakmont was
near flawless, but the 10th hole did him in as it did in the 78 PGA.


As a massive Watson fan it was difficult to fathom just HOW quickly he
declined from being the best golfer in the world which he was from winning
the masters in 1977 to the moment he hit his 2nd shot on the 17th at St
Andrews 7 years later. You would have thought the decline after St Andrews
would have been gradual but even though at that point he was still only 34
he was NEVER the same golfer again. Should probably have won the 87 US Open
and his putting in the final round at Troon 2 years later let him down and
lets not even talk about 2009. But it was still surprising that after 1984
he only had the probably another half a dozen tournaments where he was in

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