Major Improvements Are There For The Great Southern Golf Course

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In-order to save the Great Southern Golf Course, the efforts is underway. Many of you must have seen the outline of the future look of Great Southern might. Here we are not sharing the drawing with you, but we are sharing information that is available with us.

The Great Southern stockholders are in the process of negotiations with two lenders who are out of Florida. And according to information, in the next some weeks one of those companies would sign the deal to pump money into the historic Great Southern Golf Course. Though, the talks are at the very initial stage, still it won’t take much time to get in its final shape, if everything goes according to the plan.

On Monday, while discussing the things about the course with Ellis Hill, the Great Southern Golf Course President, he said if the talks take its final turn, the Great Southern will be restored and renovated to the pristine golf course and it will regain its charms once again. Mississippi Sound overlooked by the club could be expanded to and it will include a ballroom and other amenities would also be added in that. If everything goes under the plan this golf course will be renovated in its finest look and it will compete with other courses in the world.

Because the improvements on the east Gulfport golf course is contingent on a funding deal for which the talks are going on with the lenders of Florida lenders it will take some time to get more details about the further details and final drafting of the course. Till the time we collect more information about the same for you, you can keep tracking this news for more details about the same.

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