Late Surge For Tom Lewis

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British Masters witnessed some interesting moments when Tom Lewis walked away from the 6th hole.

His idea was to let Matteo Manassero & Eddie Pepperell finish their putts. As we can see, Tom Lewis, the 25-year old golfer, was visibly upset. He aimed the ball at some bushes. Then he headed to the 7th tee. After reaching there, the young golfer was seen contemplating.

Tom Lewis is from the Welwyn Garden City. At this point, he had just turned in a bogey. He was meant to play three in the first round. We are referring to the round at The Grove. Also, he was 3 over par for that particular day.

It wasn’t difficult to notice the fact that the golfer had so much going in his mind. It seemed like he was looking for answers. At the exact moment, we felt like the moody sky reflected his state of mind.

Where was he at 12.25pm? At that point, he had teed off on hole 10. To give an overall picture of the afternoon, he was playing with 2-over for a long time.

How did his performance measure against Italian golfer Manassero & Englishman golfer Pepperell? He was driving away from the tee compared to these two. But his struggled rested with matching the putter.

We are onto the 12th. He bogeyed there. He wavered from the banks of Devil’s Lake. And this was just before his recovery. Well, the recovery was a decent five.

He picked up a birdie on the 15th. Before this could happen, he had bogeyed the 13th. It was time for another fantastic shot. He broke his putt right before the hole. The shot was on the Par 16th.

Coming to 18th, it was time for him to pull one back nicely. After this, it was time for the final three holes.

The weather was on the verge of dramatic display. It started getting colder and darker. But Lewis was determined to hold onto his game despite the weather condition.

And he managed to turn it around in the final moments.

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