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Nick Haynes

Is it me or was it cool to also see the adds from back in the day

Christian Cunningham

A 492 par 4?
Just put me down for a 5 and let’s skip to the next.

Author No1

So tired hearing Johnny Miller talk up the draw and denigrate the fade.
Johnny Miller could never compete with Jack Nicklaus because his draw hook
style competed against the fade of the better players. It has been proven
the fade allows more versatility in every shot situation.Reason…the fade
is a ‘natural’ stroke where the draw hook is a manipulative stroke
requiring everything to be perfect for effect.
BTW: Painful to watch the GREAT WHITE HOPES (Michelson and Garcia) as they
play wishful golf.


This seems like a lifetime ago now. Sergio looks like a little kid,
regripping it about 30 times and even laggier than he is now.


Wow, i forgot just how big nick faldo used to be,, he was built like a

Ricky Voyvodic

sergio regrips it 26 times without looking up at 9 minutes in. 

Nick Parker

Thanks for uploading this. It’s neat to travel back in time and see some of
the old tourneys and commercials from this time. It’s hard to believe that
this was 11 years ago.

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